Client: TELOS productions
for Princeton University

Extreme Visions
is a film by Tom Ball

A behind-the-scenes look at two world-renowned architects, two immensely powerful donors and two extremely different visions. This documentary explores and contrasts the radically different architectural styles of Frank Gehry and Demetri Porphyrios — both on the campus of Princeton University, and gives future generations of architecture students an overview of styles and approaches on the opposite ends of the architectural spectrum.

The typography for this project was also a study in contrasts — the sleek lines and angular peeks of Futura against the humanistic blackletter, Fette Frakter — an unexpected duo to say the least, but somehow they harmonize when stacked in an algebraic formation. The typography, along with other graphical contrasts help to reinforce the extreme philosophies presented in the film.

motion graphics designed by Michelle Moehler
and Tim Lachina, Walter Greene+Co

animated by Zach Wills, Commercial Sound + Image